Nature kids worldwide hand in hand

International Conference in Zurich from 3-5 May 2019

Wald 18 October 2018 -  Since 15 October 2018, registration has been open for the International Conference in Zurich for the coming year. Experts from the field of forest and nature education from many countries will come together for three days to exchange, network and share their knowledge.

For the first time, more than 25 countries celebrated the 1st International Day of the Forest Kindergarten worldwide on 3 May 2018 under the motto "Nature kids Worldwide Hand in Hand". "The positive energy was tingling from the root caves to the tree tops! They were wonderful occasions, which were celebrated worldwide in forests!", says the initiative of this day. The 2nd Day of Action, the International Conference at the beginning of May 2019, will be an outstanding event for Switzerland. "Preparations are underway at many levels and another important step has now been taken: it is now possible to register as a participant," says Christoph Lang, President and co-founder of the cooperative.

The Feuervogel Genossenschaft is the organizer of the international conference in cooperation with the Waldkindergarten Flensburg from Germany. The conference will take place in the woods of the WaKiTa forest day-care centre in Zurich. Characteristic for the conference a nourishing journey of impulses will be after the bases of nature pedagogics by all countries. The participants will benefit from the many years of experience of the nature educators present. This weekend, the growing international community will be carrying a deep bond with nature.

A weekend for a growing worldwide nature-loving community

The conference is aimed at professionals from forest play groups, forest and nature kindergartens and forest institutions, teachers and educators from forest schools and public schools, students, adult educators, further education institutions and associations. It is addressed to people who want to celebrate the 3rd of May, the 2nd International Day of the Forest Kindergarten together with other countries. At the conference you will meet people who have sung the worldwide anthem "I am a Woodkid", which was written especially for this day by the musician Marius Tschirky. The song has now been published in 9 languages.

Program of the conference

Patron of the event is the association ERBINAT "Verband für Bildung und Erleben" of Switzerland. Important partner organisations supporting the event are the SILVIVA Foundation, the Rucksack School, IG Spielgruppen Schweiz, Waldkinder St.Gallen and the Verein natürlichjanine. The participants of the conference will have the opportunity to visit Swiss forest institutions as excursions and see how they work. The international colleagues will open their ideas backpacks and you can listen to their lectures and participate in practical workshops. The conference will be held in German and English.

Natural children all over the world hand in hand

"We are here because our future is at stake," say the children of the nature all over the world. The conference will open with a children's party on Friday afternoon. In the evening the participants of the conference together with the Feuervogel Genossenschaft and their partners will celebrate the International Day of the Forest Kindergarten with dancing and singing. Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to the conference's specialist topics and exchanges.