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Friday 3 May

From 3:00 p.m. Children's festival with forest children from the city of Zurich and the surrounding area

From 6:00 p.m. arrival of the participants of the International Conference

Common celebration around the fire for the international day of the forest kindergarten "Naturkinder weltweit Hand in Hand".

Get to know - Listen - Be amazed - Exchange - Sing - Dance

Saturday 4 May

From 7:30 Arrival and registration

Start of program "The forest is full of life worldwide"

9:00 a.m. Welcome

10 p.m.

Open Space - Networking - Workshops - Playing together

Field trips to nature education facilities in Zurich in the morning with advance booking

12:30 p.m. Common meal from the fire kitchen

2 p.m.

Interactive workshops with lectures and changing programs in small groups in the wood sofa Lounge with the makers from Europe and other continents.

Get to know the ambassadors of the nature children personally, take part in one of their workshops and learn how the movement of the nature and forest children is active in the different countries.

Dance of Ideas - Bag Market with Backpack Ideas - tangible ideas for working with people in nature

Saturday evening

From 7 p.m. common food from the fire kitchen

Fiery Finale

Listen - Be amazed- Exchange - Sing - Dance

Sunday 5 May

From 8:00 a.m. Start of the program until 12 p.m.

Rucksack workshops in working groups with the worldwide forest and nature people

What ideas do I take with me in my backpack to my country and forest?

Round Circle with outlook 2020 and following

from 12 o'clock everyone says goodbye and travels back to their native forests

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Additional program after the conference

Due to the demand, we offer an additional program immediately after the conference from May 5-7, 2019.

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