Overview Firebird

The annual programme with nature projects subdivided into project categories

  • further training offers
  • Experience, crafts and rituals
  • Holiday offers in the nature

Internet presence www.feuervogel.ch

Dusse Verusse playgroup in nature

Since 1996, pioneer in Switzerland, with the first forest play groups with "Dusse Verusse" with their own quality concept.

8 regional groups in Switzerland with offers for children from 3 years up to kindergarten entry and offers for kindergarten and school children

35 competent and nature-enthusiastic leaders accompany approx. 180 children into nature every year.

Internet presence www.dusse-verusse.ch

"Mastery of authentic nature pedagogy" Training / further education for working with people in nature

This course has been sailing across Switzerland for more than 20 years and is one of the most proven and oldest nature education courses in Switzerland.

The training comprises 20 course days, which are structured in modules, 2 courses per year start with approx. 40 participants.

Topics and learning goals are nature education, living in nature, plants and animals, didactics/methodology, project management, psychology/pedagogy, 1st aid for children, fire kitchen.

Internet presence: www.meisterschaft-naturpädagogik.ch

"Infothek Waldkinder" - The digital information platform for nature education

In its 9th year of publication, the digital journal "Human & Nature" addresses its readers with concrete topics based on the principles of nature education.

Whether as a forest playgroup leader, forest kindergarten teacher, teacher, educator and adult educator or outdoor families, everyone will find nutritious knowledge.

Internet presence www.infothek-waldkinder.org

ERBINAT Association

The association principles drawn up by the "ERBINAT Children and Nature Section" apply to all nature education activities with children up to the age of six and are divided into the following subject areas: "well-being", "relationship with nature", "social learning", "playing with all senses", "nature as a space for movement" and "risk competence". They are to be understood as an orientation aid and quality yardstick.

Internet presence www.erbinat.ch

SILVIVA - Teaching outdoors

The new handbook offers a wealth of teaching ideas in nature for all subject areas in the 1st and 2nd cycles of elementary school. All activities are practice-proven, carefully described and curriculum 21 relevant.

The book also provides valuable tips and tricks and practical information on the subject. It shows the great benefits of teaching outside - for the children as well as for the teacher.

Internet presence www.silviva.ch