Forest friendship - worldwide

The conference actually starts today! A forest friendship and/or sponsorship will enable you to exchange ideas with another forest children's organisation very soon. If we receive the first applications definitely, we can arrange friendships and sponsorships, because the forest children conquer nature worldwide.

Basically it's about building friendships in the forest.

  • Friends like to talk about what they love and how they do it. A valuable exchange develops.
  • Friends support each other professionally and help each other. That's why, in addition to forest friendships, there are also ideas for sponsorships.
  • Because friends also help each other financially from time to time.

You would like to enter a forest friendship, because...

  • So that the professional exchange among each other can succeed wonderfully.
  • So that the cohesion of the forest children can become stronger all over the world.
  • It is a good feeling for you to be friends in a growing forest kindergarten community all over the world.
  • We experience how the forest kindergartens in other countries are constantly developing.

How can you start a forest friendship?

If you are interested in becoming a forest friend, please fill out the forest friendship form and we will help you to find an institution. The application for a forest friendship presupposes the participation in the conference.


Be there too and make it possible for someone to come to the conference. Forest children worldwide hand in hand: with a forest friendship and/or a sponsorship, the circle of nature educators can become large, colourful and diverse.

Forest friendship form

Application form

Application friendship

What is so special about your forest organisation?
Age of children, key objectives, projects, public or private, leisure or everyday school life?
Why are you applying for a frienship/sponsorship?
What do you want from the friendship/ sponsorship?
What is important to you for the International Conference?